"Everyone loves a Fatt Ass"




We at Fatt Ass truly love our work, and take our craft very seriously. All of our work is done in-house, yielding custom drums that are made to our highest quality standards.


True custom!
We allow you to use your imagination in designing your perfect custom drum kit. From classic, conservative sizes and finishes to extreme and unorthodox sizes - we can build what you desire.


The sky is the limit!
We can help you design a drum kit to the
specifications that best suit your needs.
As an example, the four drums making up
this "nesting" kit all fit into a single 16x16 case,
and are perfect for New York City Jazz gigs.


Custom paintwork is what sets us apart!


Kits can be configured in any number of pieces and drum sizes are limitless. You may also choose all mount/hardware locations, as well as the brand and type of heads with which your kit will be furnished.